New High School BNCC: see the new guidelines

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Brazilian education has undergone several transformations, with the purpose of adapting to the characteristics and reality of today’s youth. And one of the main changes is the new BNCC High School, which was organized by areas of knowledge – a factor that contributes to the teaching being seen in a less isolated way, stimulating the integration of the disciplines.

The proposal of the National Common Curricular Base brings a series of challenges for schools and educators, who will have to rethink the learning process and take into account the student’s role.

Initially, the deadline for the complete implementation of the project was until 2022, but due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to re-plan remote classes, the tendency is that adaptation requires more time.

Want to understand how the proposed format works? See, in this post, the guidelines defined by the BNCC and that must be implemented in all educational institutions!

What you will find in this article:

What are the guidelines of the new BNCC?

Approved in 2018, the BNCC for High School was designed with the aim of contemplating the cognitive, personal and social elements that are part of the learning to be developed by the students. The document guides the work of schools and the pedagogical team, which had already been discussed since 1996, when a common basis for basic education was created.

The intention of the project is not that schools have to plan classes specifically to meet the competencies defended by the BNCC, but rather that they promote learning in line with the skills that are part of each area of ​​knowledge.

Check below the proposed changes to make this happen in practice.

Basic general training

Today, students who graduate from high school must complete a workload of 2,400 hours. As of the modification, the educational institutions will have to follow a 3,000 hour workload, in which 1,800 are destined to basic general training and the other 1,200 contemplate the training itineraries.

In addition, basic general education is characterized by establishing a set of competencies and skills crucial for the study of adolescents over the three years of the segment, which are worked on in four areas of knowledge:

  • Languages ​​and their Technologies;
  • Natural Sciences and its Technologies;
  • Mathematics and its Technologies;
  • Applied Human and Social Sciences.

It is worth mentioning that the training can be organized according to the characteristics of the school, but it is necessary to include the subjects of Portuguese, English and Mathematics in all years and ensure the fulfillment of the required 1,800 hours.


With the exception of the three compulsory subjects in all periods of high school, the other areas of knowledge that form the curriculum can be distributed according to the understanding of the student and the school. Thus, they can be studied in a single year, in two or three years, bringing autonomy to students.

Formative itineraries

The formative itineraries are the flexible part of the BNCC curriculum, whose function is to enable the student to choose which subjects they wish to study. They involve the areas of general knowledge, plus technical and professional training, which can also be combined in an integrated manner.

It is necessary that this curriculum be developed based on the four structuring axes. They are: scientific research; socio-cultural intervention; creative processes and mediation; and entrepreneurship. With this, the school ensures that the individual has quality training as a student, citizen and professional future.


The didactic material selected by educational institutions is of paramount importance, as they support teachers in planning and conducting classes. Therefore, it is recommended to take some precautions when choosing the material to be used.

The school must choose materials prepared in accordance with the BNCC guidelines, that is, that respect the learning, skills and abilities provided for in the document, facilitating the adaptation of educators and students to the new teaching format.

Use of technology

Technology is one of the pillars of the implementation of BNCC in schools, and should be added to the routine experienced in the classroom. However, managers and educators need to keep in mind that the technological resources adopted need to be in agreement with the content that will be taught.

To plan classes, whether face-to-face or remote, the pedagogical team must create activities that involve the use of technologies, as this is one of the skills that make up the new curriculum and that helps students deal with the challenges of learning and life .

What are the benefits of the new teaching proposal?

As well as challenging schools, the BNCC guidelines also generate a number of benefits for the school community and its members. Among them is the opportunity to build a contextualized learning curriculum, which can include the history and culture of the region, for example.

As the use of technology is one of the premises of the New High School, this contributes to an updated education and capable of providing the knowledge required in contemporary society. Thus, it allows for modern training that prepares students for the job market.

Another positive point is the fact that the proposal stimulates the integral education of the student, since it works with both cognitive issues and socio-emotional skills. Thus, young people develop their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and resilience.

How to adapt to the New High School?

In order to put into practice the changes in the curricular structure, it is essential to change the organization of the educational institution. First of all, it is necessary to make a detailed study of the BNCC, in order to understand the legal references that support the document.

In the sequence, it is indicated to make an analysis of the structure of the school and the faculty to identify what needs to be modified to meet the proposal. At this stage, one should consider:

  • the composition of the curriculum determined in the Political Pedagogical Project of the school;
  • the needs and skills demanded by educators;
  • the physical structure and technological resources available, ranging from classrooms to equipment that enable the implementation of educational practices;
  • the budget to finance the change to the new format.

That done, the school manager and his team are ready to build the planning with the change actions, which should point out all the points that will be changed, define those responsible for each stage and involve the entire school community, informing what will be done and established deadlines.

With regard to the re-elaboration of the curriculum, schools must follow the rules of the MEC and state education departments. In general, it is recommended to revise the pedagogical proposal, seek reference to what is already working, adjust the workload, structure the curricula and adapt and validate the objectives of the Pedagogical Political Project.

As you have seen, the new BNCC High School has the mission of making learning more attractive, since it encompasses the demands of the current generation of students and still offers autonomy to young people so that they can direct their studies according to their interests.

Having the right partnerships makes all the difference to be successful in this adaptation process. In this sense, know that the Eleva Platform will launch on April 14 the New High School, which presents a robust basic general education and offers a look at the job market to students through the training itineraries, which were developed in conjunction with Eduardo Deschamps , president of the National Education Council between 2016 and 2018, and our teachers.

We also provide several trails for classroom and hybrid education, and LIV, which stands out as a tool for the life project. It focuses on ensuring students’ protagonism, guiding them on their personal and professional choices.

The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to go through this transition. Download our e-book on and BNCC right now and understand what will change in education!

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